TOS is crashing excel with RTD links


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This happens occasionally I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem

It happens when I have TOS open and than I open Excel that has RTD formulas It doesn't do it when I first open it so normally I would not notice this problem if I only open it once at EOD but if I change something and save and close it than open it again once or twice there is about a 50% chance that it will crash
At that point I can't even close excel normally I have to use the task manger to close it It tries to do a repair but it's not really doing anything
Also when that happens it seems to do it more often so if I close it and open it again even though it was just repaired it crashes again so I have to close TOS which I believe is causing the crash than open excel and than open TOS again

One time when this happened I got a crash on TOS also with a crash report but usually I don't have any sign from TOS that anything happened
I attached the TOS crash message and also the error from the Windows event log
I have no idea what all that means I just noticed that it's something to do with RTD
There is probably no fix for this I just wanted to mention it here to see if anyone else noticed this problem


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