Trade Tool has SPX Weekly options now


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I received an email that SPX Weekly Options are now available.

Here's the full email:

We had a Release last night that improved appearance of some features, resolved bugs and added weekly .SPX options.

The Index section of the Market Tab have a cleaner look as well as additional display options. Advance/Decliners and 52 week Hi/Low are easier to read as the 'background noise' has been removed.

.SPX's option chain is now, BY FAR, the largest chain currently on the platform. Users will receive a notice the chain is loading. On my wi-fi - it only took less than 5 seconds to load, however those with slower internet speeds may have a different outcome. We are continuing to find ways to improve the delivery. However, we did not want to hold up the delivery as this has been a popular request.

If you'd like to try trade tool for free for 30-days, go to


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I am back in and they do have weekly options now but the option chain view is kind of messed up
It's partially blocked on the right side by the other windows and I don't see a way to either maximize the option chain window or close the other windows on the right side so I can see the entire chain
I could zoom out which makes the text smaller if I want to see the entire chain Also when I zoom it's not centered so when I zoom out there is an empty spot on the left side and the right side is at the edge of the windows on the right
If I zoom in to fill in the empty spot on the left which should be the normal view the right side is overlapped by the windows
So it's going to need a little more work to get it more user friendly