Trade Tracker


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Not sure which video you saw that in Perhaps if you post a link to the video maybe someone can provide more specific information
I am sure there are many trade tracker named software so that is not a patented name that only one software vendor can use
A lot of the trade trackers are for stocks only which is fairly easy to use and have many free versions and you can even make your own spreadsheet There are very few if any for options because it's a lot more complicated when you start trading complex orders

Looking at youtube for that name and if you scroll down below the video where you can read the description there is usually a link provided when you click on "show more" I saw at least 2 different ones Here is a link to one of them
Not sure if that is the one you are looking for


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Looks like maybe that was removed Maybe not many members are using it I am guessing because it's tedious to enter all the data every time you make a trade or adjustment
The only thing I see is the trading system which would track the p/l only not the individual legs of the option which is a little bit less work but doing that you could do it yourself with a simple excel spreadsheet
The only good thing is that it has the graph showing the p/l for each trade or period of time and all the statistics to evaluate the progress of your strategy


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Not many people were using it. I built it originally to track Scott's trades at Strategem with Mini-POT but it was VERY tedious to do.