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U follow Amy's rules
Still new to trades
Any help will be appreciated
Yes I made a trade today for April 8 2022
+2 4520
- 4 4480
+2 4435
Delta was -0.85 (test on +1 -2 +1) Morning time this was done
Had to Calendar roll one to +1 4565 April 14 2022 just before the close.
This is my second trade now.

The above is based on my understand of the A14 and still playing small with it live trading.
Hi Steve: Sorry to get this in to you so late. Perhaps some topics you can cover in today's session are:
  1. As long as one has a good trade structure and entry price, having patience to let the trade mature.
  2. I assume a lot of people focus on the expiration risk in the trade and get nervous about the exposure. Can you address this?
Steve G
Steve G
We will be touching on both
Hello Tom,
I just find out about the ExperSignal is this service is available at current time?
Thank you Gary for sharing this script. BTW do you have a link to the vix_ref script as well?
I just noticed your post. Yes. Here is the script.


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Hi David, I just purchased the Time Zone Strategy and was wondering if you ever got that group you mentioned started? Either way, I would love to chat about it and bounce some ideas and experiences back and forth
Hi Tim, How has the mini pot performance been? I am assuming very good since he is always positive delta on the portfolio.
Considering all the trading I've done, not as well as I had hoped, about 10% on SPX since June. I have maintained more RT than he has so that has hurt. The best performance has been the AAPL spiked collar, but that is coincidence since AAPL has been in a strictly upward trajectory since the trade start. Tim
Thanks for getting back. I have been interested in his techniques for a while now and the RT is good when the market goes down and you can morph it off in a free condor.
Does his porfolio show a better return? I know he does papermoney and there is a delay in when he sends his stuff out.
Hi Alex, for some reason I didn't notice your reply until now. When I joined in July his portfolio was $200k (started Jan1 at 100k). Now it's about $239k. But, due to the delay I'd say about 25% of fills are not possible (and some big winners are missed). Of course, one is always able to join in on the losing trades later by default. So, don't expect to match that performance.
Hi Bob,
Did you leg all those adjustments in a single session? Otherwise, the trading dates will shed different light.
All the best,
Bob B
They were all separate trades. They were all executed within 5minutes
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