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    Ideas from The Second Leg Down book.

    I disagree ,in my humble opinion the most interesting part is the part after the presentation(Video from 1.50min on)...the rest rest is just promotion (marketing)for another "Look Ma....I can forecast the past" kind of book.
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    Vix prices on TOS

    This video will help ....
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    Vix prices on TOS

    1) VIX options are not priced to the Index because the VIX does not have any tradable shares. Instead, VIX options are priced to the volatility future with the same settlement date.(/VX) 2) VIX options settle to a Special Opening Quotation (SOQ) under the ticker symbol VRO. VRO is a VIX-style...
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    Importing Trades from TOS to ONE

    I think you can go the ONE video tutorials and you have it there.
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    Tos is down ?

    Working NOW!
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    python gui programming

    Just a thought : Be aware that Luis Hamilton (F1 6 time winner),is not a mechanic nor a car engineer! Cheers
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    thinkorswim crashes on Windows 7?

    A possible fix IF you want to take advantage of multi cores CPU's) is to run multiple of the program . QUOTE: I confirmed with ToS that it is single threaded. And if this is true then having a dual xeon system for thinkorswim will serve no purpose like the guy mentioned above unless you were...
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    thinkorswim crashes on Windows 7?

    TOS interesting discussions will give you a better idea of the issues with TOS For those of you who don’t have a computer background, Java is the language they use to write TOS. Java Swing is the way that the windows are rendered. Swing is a 2D window library and it is single threaded. If...
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    Masks cheers !
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    THE BIG BUBBLE (in details)

    Have a look ........never before on this scale...we'll see how is going to play out!
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    thinkorswim crashes on Windows 7?

    In my humble opinion most of the problem with running tos are related to low RAM on the try to put max ram on tos settings...and if you can buy more RAM (upgrade) your PC.
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    How to set forum option - "ignore".

    I think you can't "ignore" someone if has "staff" status......make sense! After all Tom has to make some profit from marketing for all the effort is putting into it! Tom Thanks Again!