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U follow Amy's rules
Still new to trades
Any help will be appreciated
Yes I made a trade today for April 8 2022
+2 4520
- 4 4480
+2 4435
Delta was -0.85 (test on +1 -2 +1) Morning time this was done
Had to Calendar roll one to +1 4565 April 14 2022 just before the close.
This is my second trade now.

The above is based on my understand of the A14 and still playing small with it live trading.
Hi Steve: Sorry to get this in to you so late. Perhaps some topics you can cover in today's session are:
  1. As long as one has a good trade structure and entry price, having patience to let the trade mature.
  2. I assume a lot of people focus on the expiration risk in the trade and get nervous about the exposure. Can you address this?
Steve G
Steve G
We will be touching on both
Hello Tom,
I just find out about the ExperSignal is this service is available at current time?
Thank you Gary for sharing this script. BTW do you have a link to the vix_ref script as well?
I just noticed your post. Yes. Here is the script.


  • vx_refSTUDY.zip
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