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Hi Brooks. By chance are you Brooks Rimes? If so, hello from several years back. If not, my apologies.
Michael - thanks for following me - if you are not aware, you may also want to follow my YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@sjgtrades and my website at sjgtrades.com (it is actually pre-launch right now and still getting dialed in - but should be good to go by March 1).
Hi Steve. Thanks. I subscribed to your YouTube channel yesterday afternoon. The videos you posted on your recent earnings calendar trades were well done.
Steve G
Steve G
Thank you Michael - I really appreciate the feedback. If you want a little more insight into butterflies too - you can sign up on my website to get a video on them along with a special offer on my services: https://www.sjgtrades.com/why-trade-butterflies
Was ist die real erforderliche Mindestkapitalisierung für einen Versuch? Per IB-Irland hat man ja per se "PM" (nicht als GmbH?), sodass statt 24k lediglich 12k im Raum stehen. Bei Nutzung des ES dürfte sich dies nochmals wegen der geringeren Kontraktgrösse halbieren zu 6k (SPAN) ?
ja das ist so korrekt.
U follow Amy's rules
Still new to trades
Any help will be appreciated
Yes I made a trade today for April 8 2022
+2 4520
- 4 4480
+2 4435
Delta was -0.85 (test on +1 -2 +1) Morning time this was done
Had to Calendar roll one to +1 4565 April 14 2022 just before the close.
This is my second trade now.

The above is based on my understand of the A14 and still playing small with it live trading.
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