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    Trading Hours This Week

    There seems to be a bit of confusion on the trading hours this week. Here's a nice reference: The BOND MAKRET will have an early close on Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 2pm Eastern NYSE and...
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    Settlement Data updated

    I just updated the settlement data. Sorry it was late. I'll set a reminder to do it right after the data is available. S&P 500 Settlement Data VIX Options Settlement Data
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    New forum - Lessons Learned

    You can make an anonymous post to start a new thread. This is useful if you have sensitive information you don't want associated with yourself. I'll see if I can add the ability to reply anonymously.
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    New forum - Lessons Learned

    I created a new forum that you can post anonymously in. You have to be logged in but you can choose to "Post anonymously." This is a great place to post horror stories and what you learned from the experience and hopefully get some advice...
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    99% loser

    Agreed. Possibly seek relief through the regulatory bodies and/or actions against the advisor. That is not being prudent.
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    World Record Shortest Landing - 9 Feet 5 Inches

    Pretty cool video of the Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) competition in Valdez, Alaska
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    New forum for aviation

    One good rule of thumb I read in a mountain flying course was that you need to be at 71% of your rotation speed by the time you halfway down the runway. That's a good acceleration check and gives you plenty of time to stop if the aircraft isn't accelerating properly. In the F-4E, we used 100...
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    SteadyOptions Performance Question

    Thanks for the feedback Paul.
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    Xavion news

    I had an email from Austin Meyer, the author of Xplane 11 and Xavion today. Xavion now includes charts as part of the $99/year Xavion subscription. Previously the data was $149/year so this is a huge cost saving. my favorites feature is the EMER button. This gives you real time glide...
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    SPY Weekly Strategy Link Issue

    The SPY Weekly Strategy - Core files are updated. I'm moving the Advanced files now.
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    SPY Weekly Strategy Link Issue

    Thanks for letting me know. It looks like a DNS issue. I'm going to move all of the old Capital Discussions content to the Aeromir S3 account and update these links.
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    New forum for aviation

    I've seen light gun signals from the tower but that's a great idea to test it.. both for you and for the controllers.
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    New equipment

    I finally bought a headset for the first time since I started flying in 1979. When I started as a college student, I just used the headsets the FBO had with the airplane rental. Later, I used what the Air Force gave me. It would be difficult to use my Air Force helmet in a Cessna 172 lol After...
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    New forum for aviation

    Nice Tim! i am going to,fly next week at night to update my night currency. In fact, if you do three full stop landings at night every 90-days, it keeps you current for day and night VFR.
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    Is anyone using the Brave web browser?

    I like it so far. That link refers to uMatrix for Chrome. Probably something to look into. My wife and I both see a noticable speed increase with Brave so overall we like it.