Option volumes were extremely high in GME. A lot of the puts were far OTM low deltas. With the calls, many more were higher deltas. If you posit that many of the WSB participants were buying calls rather than stock, the market makers selling those calls would have shorted the underlying in order to hedge their positions. Perhaps the short sellers were also buying calls to hedge, rather than buying back shares.

Just a thought.

I like this post because I think it really illustrates that for the most part, we have no idea what is going on. We don't know who is long or short what, why, and whether it's hedged. I think it would be interesting to break down just what we think we know about this situation based on who said things that are illegal if not actually true and then try to figure out the big picture. Anything said/written by people who can say anything without legal accountability is completely irrelevant as people lie frequently for a multitude of reasons.


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SpotGamma offers some valuable insights....This is from the free site


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Here is another video from IB CEO explaining why GME was restricted and saying if it was not done it would have been a lot worse with Melvin going bankrupt and maybe other dominoes falling down after that
That is for the initial short squeeze not sure what is driving the current one
You would figure they learned their lesson by now and covered their shorts