Options trading and artificial intelligence

Kevin Lee

Ron already referred to a source to learn ML and Python.
Kevin, do you have any sources or good books to read to learn about AI or how did you get started?
For Python, I learned by doing and googling. If you prefer more structured courses, I strongly recommend courses in Udacity or Coursera. Lots of free Python classes. But personally, I suggest paid courses because that forces you to work on the projects.

For ML and AI, I took several Nanodegree courses in Udacity. Udacity’s Nanodegree class is great because besides having cutting edge content, there’s a vibrant student community to collaborate with. AI is moving so fast, you want to learn the most recent content. Udacity teaches latest ML/AI technologies and platforms. Here’s a list




They just launched a new Nanodegree program focusing on AI and Trading. I plan to take it after I finish my current program. The course is done in collaboration with WorldQuant. The course content looks great. However this course require Python and math/statistics as pre-requisite. I think they also assume students already know basic ML/data analytics. They seem to go into volatilty modeling and other advance trading topics. See links below.



I won’t bother with books. ML/AI is changing so fast, the books become obsolete very quickly.

If you really want to go deep into quant trading and ML/AI, you can consider this masters program. If you qualify, which is not easy, the program is totally free... this is my goal for next year. https://wqu.org/

Kevin Lee

How did this work out? I am doing some work on AI for optimal options portfolio hedging with/without alpha generation. I'm curious about the predictive models especially for more difficult single stocks
Vladimir and I are working on a project to build an AI agent for options trading using reinforcement learning. Will loop you in if you’re interested. Already sent you private message about this.

Kevin Lee

Thanks for all the info about the coursework, Kevin.

Why is it hard to qualify for WQU?
Because candidates have to take a comprehension and math test. The first one is easy. The math test includes multivariable calculus differential equations, probability and statistics, and linear algebra. They assume undergraduate level competency. It wasn’t trivial for me because I’ve forgotten some of those material already. I had to take a remedial course.