Rolling Thunder


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Thanks, but I wasn't asking about what Rolling Thunder is. I know it and I trade it. I'mmore interested in book content, or rather your take on it.
What language does J.L.Lord uses, can you easily grasp what he is talking about, does he covers broad range of cases or just basics. Does he talk about role of the RT in portfolio and as stand alone. Does he cover call side well enough (big topic). Et cetera.


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You wrote... "I know it and I trade it."
Marcas, if you or anyone else would like to purchase the book, I will discuss with you in detail my thoughts on making money in options today and will also include how I trade the ViPar.
My VXX profits as of today from TOS...


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Kneb, I don't plan to purchase "Rolling Thunder" book. I think I don't need it. I was interested more in book review as I didn't read any yet. The only comments about JLLord books I heard were from Tom.

Of course, I'm interested in thoughts exchange about trading in general and in particular, here, on TG1, or on Slack.