Some improvements are coming to the platform in 2023 at Tastyworks
I was trying to place a futures trade on the desktop platform but the active trader does not have a template like TOS where you can open a trade and place a limit to take profit at a certain value or tick It just has a default of 1% so I asked them about it and supposedly they are working on adding a template sometime in 2023

Than I looked at doing the same thing on the web platform and that is even worse as it does not have a bracket order feature so they said that they currently beta testing a 2.0 version of the web platform that will have a bracket order similar to the desktop version
I got an email from Tastyworks this morning about a new guideline for PDT
Starting March 6th, 2023, account holders will only be allowed to request one (1) PDT reset for the lifetime of their margin account(s).

I guess maybe they are trying to slow down this recent increase in 0 DTE trading
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