ViPar Trade with Scott Rubel


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In the MiniPOT service since June, there have been two ViPar examples demonstrated by Scott. The ViPars themselves were problematic, but It's good to keep in mind these were part of a portfolio of trades that were overall profitable (Rolling Thunders, ARR's etc). He held a very good POT class for members afterward that explained why this period was the worse situation that could play out once the ViPars were initiated and alternative ways they could have been handled..


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The reason we used to trade options was so we didn't have to sit in front of the screen all day. Trade your own ideas.
For years after the 2008 meltdown, it was so easy to sell options and make money, now 10 years past you may be better off buying spreads rather than selling them. Trade your own ideas.
Unless you have a good backtested strategy, if are planning to hold a position under 7 days it's tough to make up for the slippage and the commissions trading options, the options market is constantly changing. What's your edge?? Trade your own ideas.
Scott is an expert from the past. Take what he is doing and apply it to a daily rather than intraday trade.
If Sheridan and his 'mentors' were so smart, they would have all been running hedge funds by now, same with John Carter.
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